Sally On The Mount

A solo play written and performed by Jeanne Darst.

Sally has come all the way from her trailer in Vermont to tell you about how her family moved from Westchester to Northern California where her father starts a commune and she gets kicked off at fourteen and heads back to New York where she shacks up with an alcoholic copy editor and waits tables at Regine’s nightclub in the 70s until she begins turning tricks for an Irish Madam at the Chelsea Hotel, until finally there was only one place left to go: the New York art world of the 80s. Life finally begins to make sense when Sally realizes that “doin’ it” is her art:

“I looked at the bodies underneath me, behind me, in front of me and I thought, ‘You’re art.’ You may not be ready to hang in the marble foyer of the Park Avenue classis six but mister, you are art. And of they were art, then I was a “fucking artist.”

“I invented a series of moves known as the ‘evolution of man’, adapted Orwell’s Animal Farm into a blow job and collaborated with a man who called himself Kens Burns on a 17-part PBS series called 'The American Anus.'"


Je Regrette Tout! (I Regret Everything)

A Neuro-musical wherein Edith Piaf, who has been in hiding since her faked death in 1963, overhears a sinister plot by Big Pharma to make New York City happy and promptly enlists the help of the only woman who can make New York safe for malcontents once more, Doris, the most miserable woman in the middle of the lower upper east side. Features songs by Edith Piaf.