Apr 17, 2015

EAT ME LA, a video series

I am a terrible cook. That does not stop my friend Angela from inviting herself over for lunch. 

Sep 3, 2012

Nick Hornby mentions my book in his column, "Stuff I've Been Reading."

In the July/August issue of The Believer magazine, Nick Hornby says he just bought my book. The Believer is a great magazine and Nick Hornby is hilarious. I'm honored.

Aug 31, 2012

The New York Times Magazine

An essay I wrote for the New York Times magazine. 

Apr 14, 2012

LA Times Festival of Books

I will be at the LA Times Festival of Books next Sunday, April 22nd at USC, on a panel at 10:30 am at the Norris Theater. Then, at 1pm, I will be at the BookSoup tent, signing books.

Mar 3, 2012

NYT Acrostic Puzzle - Sunday, February 26th, 2012

ACROSTIC, Puzzle by Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon
Edited by Will Shortz

This Sunday’s acrostic draws a quotation from Fiction Ruined My Family

The author’s name and the title of the work: DARST, FICTION RUINED MY FAMILY

The full paragraph of the quotation: As a kid I was absolutely terrified of clichés. My father forbade them in our home. It was like the way other people regarded cursing in their house. If you said, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink,” my father would go ballistic. Mom couldn’t control herself, apparently, because she violated this rule about every five seconds. 

- Puzzle solved courtesy of  NYT puzzle blogger